Unique International Statute Law

There is something which is bothering me for a while. If there was a unique international statute law which was accepted by all countries, wasn't the life better?

Maybe it’s ridiculous by first thought, specially law has a tight relation with ideology. As an example, French government believes in full separation between politics and religious and in return Iran's government believes there should be a strong relation. So it’s a complete paradox between these two ideologies.

But let’s think as a physicist. This sounds like particle and wave behavior of light which was thought as a paradox in early previous century. But what some more open-minded guys created, made a new window of thought which both wave and particle behaviors can be co-exist in this new model.

It may seem stupid, but nowadays among all of my daily problems some part of my mind is considerably working on probability of existence of a suitable frame for such a Unique International Statute Law.

So is there any comment? Any thought that would help me in this?


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یک سوال ساده‌تر این که آیا اگه اصلاَ کشوری وجود نداشت بهتر نبود؟